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How To Get Rid of Maggots in Trash Can 

Finding creepy crawly maggots in your trash can send shivers down your spine! Taking out the garbage is never fun, and it gets even worse when you discover maggots.

Getting rid of maggots is a lot easier than people think and there are easy ways to kill fly larvae in trash cans.  

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What Causes Maggots In Garbage Cans?

Rotting produce, meats and pet/human waste can attract all kinds of flies. Flies lay their eggs into garbage, especially dirty and smelly cans, producing maggots.  

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Stopping Maggot Infestation

Flies and maggots feed off of garbage, so maintaining a clean garbage environment will keep crawly critters away. Fully getting your trash can cleaned is the most effective way to get rid of maggots.

Double wrapping your kitchen garbage is an effective way to prevent maggots in the first place. Double wrapping pet feces is successful as well.

Many solutions out there like bleach, insecticides, boiling water, and other harmful chemicals can be toxic and not environmentally conscious but are effective. (See more below)

Reduce Food Sources in the Trash  

Flies are attracted to spoiling food. If there is a protein in the garbage, they will be there eating it. Infestation time.

Maggots also stay in trash cans for the same reason. Hence, you should limit food scraps thrown in trash cans.

Avoid throwing meat bones in the trash. You could instead save them from making delicious broth.

Similarly, avoid throwing raw meat or juices in the trash as much as possible. 

Rinse Trash Can Thoroughly

Smelly trash cans are a maggot magnet, which is why you must regularly rinse and clean them. Also, unclean trash cans also leave a stinky odor throughout the garage or shed.

You should make a habit of rinsing your trash cans with soapy hot water every now and then. This will keep it clean and odor-free

Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on the Debris

This is a type of limestone with sharp edges. Contact with it will kill any insect, which is why it is excellent.

Add a Basil Leaf 

Fresh basil, oregano, or lavender have a unique and fresh scent. Their scent is a natural repellent to flies.

Flies will not come close to trash cans with basil leaves in them. Hence, maggots will not develop. 

Dispose of Animal and Human Waste Properly

Such kinds of feces should be disposed of properly. If not, they can attract a host of maggots and flies.

Animal litter, feminine products, dirty diapers, and leftover food should be placed in sealed bags. Then they should be disposed of in the garbage can with a sealed lid.

These products leave off strong methane gas, which attracts flies significantly. You should thus keep them ocked before throwing them in the trash.

This will ensure that no maggots develop in your trash bin. 

Killing Maggots In Your Trash 

Maggots are a common problem, especially if you have outdoor trash cans in humid conditions. If you have encountered fly larvae in your waste receptacle, there are ways to kill them.

Here are some of the ways to rid your trash cans of maggots: 

Use an Insecticide to kill larvae

One of the best ways to kill maggots is through insecticide. You can find pyrethrum that will instantly kill insects and flies.

Once you kill the flies, they will not lay eggs, and maggots will not develop. Another natural ingredient you may find at home is dish soap.

Dish soap contains an ingredient called borax, which kills the eggs. Dog shampoo that is designed to kill lice would also be effective in killing maggots.

Lastly, bug sprays are also an excellent option to use as insecticides in killing maggots. Just spray it in your trash can and leave it closed for half an hour. 

Use Bleach Solution

If you have a large trash can, then bleach would be an excellent option. Make a mixture with equal parts of water and bleach and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray the solution directly on the maggots in the trash can. You can also dump the bleach solution in the garbage can and keep it closed for half an hour.

The fumes from the bleach will suffocate the larvae and kill them. Once all of the maggots are killed, remove all of the trash from the can. 

Boiling Water 

To rid yourself of maggots, pour boiling water on them. Kill them instantly, quick and easy. No harsh chemicals, no salt, and no vinegar necessary.

It's important to pour the water on any areas that may be infested, as there could be hidden infestations. 

Take caution with boiling water and pour on all possible infested areas. Beware of splashing hot water!

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